As an exclusive buyer only broker, Suzanne Hefni-Pyle solely represents and operates in the best interest of buyers, not sellers. Buyer's Only Coastal Realty is one of only several firms that exist in ALL of Southern California that is a provider of "genuine" buyer only representation.

We guarantee 100% of our time to a buyer since our office does not work with sellers the other half of the time, like regular real estate offices. The office will give full time service-loyalty to home buyers which give full time home buying results vs. a real estate office that also works for sellers at the same time and trying to be a "buyer agent."

We give a 100% guarantee here because Buyer's Only Coastal Realty is passionate about the importance of buyers having "true" buyer representation in its purest form. BOCR shows homes in Fallbrook, CA and all cities along the coast, which is very rare for a real estate office like this to know so many market conditions. We are experts in all cities and areas.

Suzanne has been an Exclusive Buyer Broker/Owner for the past 16 years. As the Owner and Founder of Buyers Only Coastal Realty, she builds upon the vast knowledge she previously gained from working for 26 years in the real estate industry.

A member of the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents as well as a Realtor member, Suzanne's extensive industry background has afforded her a wealth of knowledge that she enjoys passing onto the buyers she interacts with. Her clear communication skills, strong negotiating tactics and focused business model has enabled her to deliver quality results for the diverse pool of clientele she has represented over the years.

Suzanne's unique approach to pursuing the absolute best interest of buyers makes her the ideal broker to contact if you are in search of purchasing a new property. Our showings are prepared with full time service to a buyer, so they are full of easy to use information you will need to make an informed decision with ease and time efficiency with our home showing process.

"An Agent Or Broker Is Either A Buyer Only Office — Or — They Are Not — Ask the agent or broker if they 'list homes from their firm' and if they say yes, they are NOT a buyer only office."

"Suzanne Hefni-Pyle : Your Fallbrook Real Estate Expert"
Suzanne Hefni-Pyle, Local Real Estate Expert in Fallbrook California
Suzanne Hefni-Pyle
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